May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Ask yourself, “how is my mental health?” Mental health is important, and it matters. May might be mental health awareness month, but our mental health is important year-round. According to Mental Health First Aid, almost half of adults in the United States will experience a mental health illness in their lifetime. If you struggle with your mental health, IntegrityMind Psychiatry is here to tell you that you are not alone. 

Our Unique Approach

Dr. Paul Wright has a unique, holistic approach. You might be wondering what exactly a holistic approach is. It’s an approach to mental health factors in a patient’s lifestyle, environment, sleep habits, diet and exercise as much as it considers experiences, trauma, diagnoses and symptoms of mental illness. This more in-depth, holistic approach to looking at the whole person takes time. Investment. Attention. Three things Dr. Wright is committed to giving each patient he works with. You won’t find Dr. Wright behind a computer screen taking notes during your session. He prefers to be fully engaged, jotting down notes by hand if needed. Sessions with Dr. Wright are relaxed, comfortable, unrushed and purposeful. This is the IntegrityMind way.

Tips to Help Boost Your Mental Health

If you’re ever feeling down or struggling with your mental health, here are a few tips from Mental Health America that might help:

  • Take 30 minutes to go for a walk in nature – it could be a stroll through a park or a hike in the woods. Research shows that being in nature can increase energy levels, reduce depression and boost well-being.
  • Do your best to enjoy 15 minutes of sunshine and apply sunscreen. Sunlight synthesizes Vitamin D, which experts believe is a mood elevator.
  • Smile. It may not be the easiest thing to do, but smiling can help to lower your heart rate and calm you down.
  • Spend some time with a furry friend. Time with animals lowers the stress hormone cortisol and boosts oxytocin, which stimulates feelings of happiness. If you don’t have a pet, hang out with a friend who does or volunteer at a shelter.
  • Keep it cool for a good night’s sleep. The optimal temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meet Dr. Wright

Dr. Paul Wright is a physician with specialization and double board-certification in General Adult Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Wright’s background and skills are wide-ranging, from the humanities and basic sciences, medicine, to the leading edge of psychiatric care and psychotherapy; he continues to seek out the latest advancements in professional expertise as a psychiatrist.

Dr. Wright is licensed to practice in Texas, Tennessee and Michigan, and offers flexible options for both in-person sessions and secure online sessions. Our brick-and-mortar offices are in Grapevine and Plano, Texas. He is fluent in Spanish & Mandarin Chinese and is pleased to also offer the option of services in these languages.

Practical Help for Real Life

At IntegrityMind Psychiatry, we know that people are wonderfully unique with their own life map and personality landscape. Therefore, we don’t over-focus on a specific diagnosis or rush to label people. While a diagnosis can be helpful in gaining a better understanding of a condition and finding the right treatment approach, our focus is less on a label and more on practical help for an improved life.

Dr. Wright sees people for help with issues including:

  • Addiction Issues
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Navigating Life Transitions
  • Relationship Challenges
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia

At the heart of serving your mental health needs, we strive to offer help. And hope. IntegrityMind is Holistic Help for the Whole You. If anxiety has a grip on your life and you could use some help moving past it, we can help. We’d be honored to partner with you in helping you step into living a healthy, happy life. Please reach out to schedule an initial consultation.