About Dr. Wright

Dr. Paul Wright MD.

Education and Trainings

Licensure & Certification:

The Seal of Michigan

Michigan State Medical License

2016 – Current

Texas State Medical License

2021 – Current

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Board Certifications:

  • Psychiatry – Certified in 2018

  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Certified in 2019

Dr. Wright advocates for an optimistic and ambitious approach to health; he holds the goal of working together to help his patients not only recover but thrive, and believes that growth and healing are very often possible even if they have not seemed so before. Dr. Wright believes that psychiatric medication may be one part of a holistic treatment approach, however that in most cases it alone is not enough, and that in other cases improper or misguided treatment with psychiatric medication can in fact be harmful. In some cases, improvement lies in taking less medication. Although sometimes taking a new or different medicine is needed, often answers and healing are found in psychoeducation or psychotherapy (which are both, in a sense, simply forms of learning). Dr. Wright integrates a depth of knowledge and experience to offer an individualized, understanding and careful approach to help navigate these challenges. 

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Health before his Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Wright has an understanding of the broad scope of challenges to our physical and psychological health, as well as the healthcare and other healing resources that we can apply to them. In addition to his background as a medical doctor and psychiatrist with expertise in assessments, psychopharmacology, and evidence-based treatments for psychiatric illness, Dr. Wright has a strong interest in psychotherapy, with extensive education and training in many psychotherapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and motivational approaches. 

Dr. Wright has recognized the highly valuable content held within many varying psychotherapy approaches as essentially branches from the same tree, with the “trunk” or framework that integrates the entire field of psychology being an exciting and cutting-edge biological approach to psychology, termed evolutionary psychology. By learning to apply the insights this groundbreaking, unified theoretical framework can offer to the problems we face in our lives, it is possible to make major improvement in our wellbeing. With an appreciation for the wonders of our world and our humanity, Dr. Wright believes that a clear understanding of ourselves and our environment from a scientific perspective in fact can and does mesh with a profound sense of our meaning, belief and purpose in the world.

  • Dr. Wright is fluent in Spanish & Mandarin Chinese, and is pleased to also offer the option of services in these languages. 

  • El doctor Wright habla español y se complace en ofrecer servicios en español si lo desea.

  • Dr. Wright 医生精通并拥有国语/普通话丰富看病经验, 如有需求愿竭诚为您服务。