Psychiatrist for Children, Teenagers and Adults

Dr. Paul Wright MD.

Welcome to IntegrityMind Psychiatry, the practice of Dr. Paul Wright MD.

IntegrityMind is based in Dallas-Fort Worth with offices in Southlake and Plano.

Additionally, for patients anywhere in the states of Texas & Michigan, Dr. Wright offers the option of Telehealth services using secure video conferencing. You can be seen from the comfort of your own home!

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Dr. Wright is a physician with specialization and double board-certification in General Adult Psychiatry and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Wright’s background and skills are wide-ranging, from the humanities & basic sciences, medicine, and the leading edge of psychiatric care and psychotherapy; he continues to seek out the latest advancements in professional expertise as a psychiatrist.

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Dr. Wright is experienced in working with children, teenagers, and adults; he also welcomes the involvement in care of family and other supports. Dr. Wright provides an attentive, compassionate, and individualized approach to help with the challenges of your life, prioritizing your needs and striving to offer an optimal care environment.

  • Dr. Wright offers flexible hours with weekday, evening & weekend availability for appointments.

  • We provide responsive telephone contact, and also the option of a convenient online scheduling system. Browse available days & times and book a visit in just a few clicks!